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Inwardly They are Ravening Wolves INWARDLY THEY ARE RAVENING WOLVESby Pastor Jeromy John Visser (Introduction:) Brothers and sisters, this morning’s sermon is titled Inwardly They Are Ravening Wolves and deals with the topic of false prophets. More specifically, in this study we’ll be examining the Bible’s teachings on imposters and comparing the Word of Yahweh to several blasphemous creedsContinue reading “Inwardly They are Ravening Wolves”

Jesus, Yahweh or Not? JESUS, YAHWEH OR NOT?by Pastor Jeromy John Visser (Introduction:) This morning I’d like to talk about a subject that might make a few of you cringe. Nonetheless, it’s something that needs to be discussed not only because it’s a basic fundamental of Christianity but because it’s a topic that many latter-day followers have fallenContinue reading “Jesus, Yahweh or Not?”

Jesus, God or Not? JESUS, GOD OR NOT?by Pastor Jeromy John Visser (Introduction:) This evening I’d like to further discuss the Biblical fact that Jesus Christ is the God of Israel. About a month and a half ago you might remember that I brought forth a study titled Jesus, Yahweh or Not? but there are literally so manyContinue reading “Jesus, God or Not?”

IF YE LOVE ME, KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS IF YE LOVE ME, KEEP MY COMMANDMENTSby Pastor Jeromy John Visser (Introduction:) Brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, many within the White Nationalist movement profess to be Christian but not all adhere to Christian Identity teachings. Several false prophets have “crept in unaware” (Jude 1:4) doing their best to sow discord by casting stumblingContinue reading “IF YE LOVE ME, KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS”

Judaism has No Devil JUDAISM HAS NO DEVILby Pastor Jeromy John Visser (Introduction:) Brethren, there are makeshift ministries out there who devote a majority of their time attacking their own kinsfolk. That’s not to say an “open letter” or public rebuke of a false prophet isn’t sometimes necessary, but when we see so-called men of god writing longContinue reading “Judaism has No Devil”

The Morning Stars Part 8 THE MORNING STARS (PART #8)by Pastor Jeromy John Visser (Introduction:) Beloved, this is the final part of The Morning Stars series. While there’s literally thousands of additional examples from scripture confirming the reality of the heavenly host, hopefully this lengthy study has shed some additional light on the strategies of those who wish toContinue reading “The Morning Stars Part 8”

The Morning Stars Part 7 THE MORNING STARS (PART #7)by Pastor Jeromy John Visser (Introduction:) Beloved, we’re nearing the Christmas season so this time of year many Christians will be reading the Biblical story of Jesus’ birth. Sadly, very few believers genuinely understand who the Messiah is much less His reasons for coming so this essential topic will beContinue reading “The Morning Stars Part 7”

The Morning Stars Part 6 THE MORNING STARS (PART #6)by Pastor Jeromy John Visser (Introduction:) Beloved, in 1864 the French poet Charles Baudelaire warned “My dear brothers, never forget, when you hear the progress of enlightenment vaunted, that the devil’s best trick is to persuade you that he doesn’t exist!” Sadly, that somber reality is most apparent in thisContinue reading “The Morning Stars Part 6”

The Morning Stars Part 5 THE MORNING STARS (PART #5)by Pastor Jeromy John Visser (Introduction:) Beloved, the seduction of Eve in Yahweh’s garden has been covered and debated by practically every Christian Identity pastor in the movement as this doctrine is either vehemently protected or dismissed by Christian believers. Ironically, when the third chapter of Genesis is read directlyContinue reading “The Morning Stars Part 5”

The Morning Stars Part 4 THE MORNING STARS (PART #4)by Pastor Jeromy John Visser (Introduction:) Beloved, this forth part of our continuing series on “the morning stars” (Job 38:7) will focus on God’s prohibition of worshipping angels (or devils) and the historical teachings of our early protestant teachers on this same matter. We’ll also analyze a few examples ofContinue reading “The Morning Stars Part 4”