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Does the Bible Teach Equality of All Men?

Does the Bible Teach Equality of All Men?by W. B. Record Does the Bible provide a basis for the teaching of equality? The answer is an emphatic, “No.” The Bible teaches the very opposite. Again and again the Creator made selection among the races of mankind, and with the selection made pronouncement. Even of Noah’sContinue reading “Does the Bible Teach Equality of All Men?”

Is Discrimination Biblical

Is Discrimination Biblical?by W. B. Record The “NO DISCRIMINATION” phrase has taken hold with the public to such an extent that even the preachers (preachers who should know better if they know their Bibles) are now heard repeating, parrot-like, this no discrimination phrase, thus participating in the selling out of our God-given freedoms and privilegesContinue reading “Is Discrimination Biblical”

America: The Land of the Deaf, the Dumb and the Blind

America: The Land of the Deaf, the Dumb and the Blindby Pastor Chuck Kuhler I am not utilizing the aforementioned terms in a derisive or derogatory manner to those who may be physically handicapped, but rather I am referring to those millions of Christian Israelites in this land of ours who are mentally and spirituallyContinue reading “America: The Land of the Deaf, the Dumb and the Blind”

The Elect Have been Deceived

The Elect Have Been Deceived by Pastor Chuck Kuhler For many years, at least since the end of World War 2, we have been deluded, with a conflictive atmosphere between the free world and the communist world. I have at this time serious doubts that a “real conflict” ever existed. Could there have been someContinue reading “The Elect Have been Deceived”

Do Oil and Water Mix?

Do Oil and Water Mix?by Pastor Chuck Kuhler Taking an experiment from a sixth grade science class, I pose the following:If you take a cup of oil (of any type) and mix it with a cup of water and then shake the combination, will both the oil and the water remain in suspension or willContinue reading “Do Oil and Water Mix?”

The Punishment of God-Happening Now

The Punishment of God—Happening Nowby Pastor Chuck Kuhler There are many today who bemoan the conditions and circumstances that are coming upon this nation (and to a large degree upon all of the “Israel nations” in the world). Of course, there are many others who are totally oblivious to what is occurring and they continueContinue reading “The Punishment of God-Happening Now”

Why Is It So Difficult to Believe?

Why Is It So Difficult to Believe …?by Pastor Chuck Kuhler It was not possible to complete the full title of this message in the headline, but it would read, Why Is It So Difficult to Believe that Europeans (Caucasians) Could Well Be the Lost Tribes of Israel? Many within the religious world consider thatContinue reading “Why Is It So Difficult to Believe?”

The Seventh Commandment

THE SEVENTH COMMANDMENT     Thou shalt not commit adultery. (Exodus 20:14)* ____________________ *All Scripture is quoted from the King James Version unless otherwise noted. Portions of Scripture have been omitted for brevity’s sake. If there are questions regarding any passage, please open your Bible and study the text to ensure that it has been properly used.Continue reading “The Seventh Commandment”