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by DR. WESLEY A. SWIFT 12-23-63

This afternoon as we considered the subject of interest before all people of Christendom, and the time of the year, and the season in which we are celebrating, there is one good thing about Christmas and also about Resurrection or Easter. Upon these two weekends all of Christendom thinks about the same thing at the same time. The great catalyst of spiritual force which emerges out of this common testimony is to great advantage to the Kingdom. But strikes fear deep into the heart of the enemy.
Make no mistake about it. For it is a very vital and important service throughout all Christendom. We well understand that there is always controversy over the exactness of ‘dates’. But the importance of the exactness of dates is not as important as it is for Christendom to celebrate the birth of Christ, that they set aside a ceremony and a period and a time for rejoicing and for festivity. For Christmas is a time of festivity for the people of God. This is one of the things about the words–‘The House of Isaac’–. For they are the ‘sons of laughter’–the ‘sons of joy’. Because of the covenants that God has made with them. Because of this then this is one of the great days of festivities of God’s Kingdom.
The two greatest events in the structure of our race, as it relates to our relationship with God was the fulfillment of His coming which we celebrate at Christmas time. And the mighty triumph of His power over death for us, which we celebrate at Easter time, or the Resurrection period. Thus all Christendom sings its songs of ‘Praise’. Its services extol first the coming of God, and secondly the mighty power of HIS Resurrection having dwelt here as a man. In these instances these — churches whose pulpits have not stayed with the great and vital facts of the Gospel, find their choirs singing praise to these events. All Christendom then unites around these historic situations which have transpired in God’s relationship to us. This does not mean today that all churches understand or know what their heritage is, or their direct part–in this matter. But it does mean that Christians over the entire world are announcing that Christ was born.
It is pretty hard to say that He was born, and then say that HE was not THE CHRIST, at the same time. So for this important declaration that Christ was born, for this period of joy, and festivity, and happiness, that has existed with Christians from the very earliest period of the beginning of Christianity. Their recognition of the birth of The Christ, and the continued festivities, in the ancient areas of around Armenia, and over in the areas over around Palestine, and down in Egypt, they celebrated in close proximity, but in different periods the exact time of the birth of Christ. It was in the second century that the church at Rome decided that they would set up a High and Holy service for the Birth of Christ. And around that Word and that service the Christ Mass was established. And Christmas was set on the 25th day of December, for this Mass.
We well recognize that this is not the birth date of the Christ. But the great and important thing is that today all Christendom recognizes that on that day, and around this period of time then Christ was born. And this is one of the most important patterns of the events in history that could have effected your race.
Now, we hear the statement that Christmas is for everyone. We will agree that to some degree Christmas has its impact on everyone. But when we talk about Christmas, then I cite to you that CHRISTMAS IS FOR ISRAEL. I want to make this very clear because to do this we must define clearly that we do not believe that Israel and the Jews are synonymous. Because we have the content of God’s word to prove that this is not true. And we have the conduct between the differences of these people so as to prove it is not true as well.
Thus we say unto you today, that Israel which makes up all the white Christian nations of the world, are a very special people unto the MOST HIGH GOD. And we also declare unto you this afternoon, that the Jews who are the enemies of Christ, continued enemy of Christian observance of Christ and Christianity, are still the enemies of God’s Kingdom and we should not overlook this fact at Christmas time, in the guise that ‘Goodwill toward men’ means goodwill toward God’s enemies. Because it does not.
But I point out to you that this is a very vital thing that we must understand because out of all the majesty of preparation, the preparation for the coming of God–EMBODIED IN EARTH–as He promised your race, was one that reached back for thousands and thousands of years. In the arrangement of the stars in the heavens, in the plan of the measurements of the trip to Astral bodies crossing the vastness of space. In all the preparation that proceeded it, the messengers who came from heaven to earth. The transportation program from heaven to earth, even proceeded the hours of the birth of The Christ. Angels came from heaven to earth from God to man with messages and directions, throughout the period that proceeded the birth of the Christ.
I want you to know that there is still some confusion about who apparently that HE was and to whom HE was born. I have in my hands one of the sorriest manifestations of that which I have seen. This is the bulletin which is called ‘The View Point’. This happens to be the official bulletin of ‘The Christian Churches’—The Disciples of Christ’ which makes this distinction. This is the church of Jesus Christ Christian and all Christian Churches are not tied up with this particular pattern of error. This bulletin says–‘The Christian Churches–The Disciples of Christ–in southern California. And I look upon this Christmas number and I see a Negro Mary, a Chinese Joseph and fortunately they did not show us the babe under such a combination.
This, my friends, shows us the great need for knowledge at this time. I turn to the inside of this bulletin to see what their Christmas issue contains and –‘it contains a capitulation to the real patterns of truth with the declaration that their churches have resolved for the coming year a firm church position in support of all Civil Rights Legislation. It warns all Disciples that we are now working in union with all church bodies in that we are supporting the advance of the United Nations and the World Court. And we also wish to say that we are taking a cautious attitude toward all movements of Christendom and the American approach to our world problems.’ —I think this speaks for itself. So I will not even comment on it.
I point out to you that the most important thing that you can know is who you are, from whence you came, and what God–promised to do for you, and what HE has been doing and what HE is going to do. It is so important for you to find your relationship with God, and His plan so that you might carry out your responsibility to God.
In this instance then, we point out to you, in the structure of the scriptures, that the prophet Isaiah made a prophecy concerning the people and the purposes of the MOST HIGH GOD AS IT RELATED TO HIS MESSIAHSHIP. This we will discover if we turn back to the 9th chapter of the book of Isaiah. For it tells us concerning this Messiah–in the 6th verse:–‘Unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given, and the government shall be upon His shoulders.’

Now, I think it is pretty important since we are talking about this, and since this is the greatest gift that has ever been given to anyone at anytime–that unto us ‘a child is given’ –‘unto us a son is born. Who is this child? We read here that this –us–is the people that this son is given to, and the government is to be upon his shoulders, his name shall be called –wonderful, Counsellor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, and the Prince of Peace. If the government is to be upon His shoulders and He is God, His wisdom, His guidance thru the Holy spirit is the Counsellor, but He is given unto us, and He is going to rule over the politics of our society –then we ought to know who –US– is. Who are we?
If I go back to the book of Deuteronomy I find that there is a people in this book that are very important. Because here in the seventh chapter of Deuteronomy God says:– Verse 6–“Thou art a holy People unto YAHWEH thy God. And YAHWEH thy God hath chosen thee to be a very special people unto Himself, above all the people on the face of the earth.” That is pretty important to. Thus God is the Selector, He selects, He chooses. And I discover in this bible that He even segregates. In this same chapter He says I have selected you—I have chosen you–and you are a people chosen by Me, above all the people on the face of the earth. You thus are the people of God, the people elect of God, and I discover that God refers to you as his children. He as your Father. And in this instance this is a message to a people called Israel.
I like that word –Israel — and it is first used in the writings of Seth. It is first used as God unveils wisdom to Seth, and then unveils it to Enoch—the word Israel means —Issue ruling with God. The word is first identified as Issue, offspring, ruling Ra with El. Israel, people ruling with God. The first man whose name was officially changed to this, was after God’s covenant with Abraham, as he changed the name of Jacob to Israel, proving that this is the Issue seed of God ruling with God. This is a very important thing. If we want to go back to the origin of some of these covenants and promises, we discover that God made certain Covenants with Adam, and the scriptures give us a very special designation concerning this.
Since the scriptures tell us that ‘Unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given’, then we discover that this covenant was made with Israel, that this was what would transpire. That God would become Embodied in the body of a man, born of a woman of our race. Someone says:–‘But how do we know this is true? The most important thing that we can know about this relationship is to go into the records concerning the genealogy of Jesus. I turn over here to the book of Luke, and here I read in the third chapter of Luke in the 38th verse:–‘Which was the son of Enos, which was the son of Seth, which was the son of Adam, which was the son of God. So I have evidence here in this third chapter of the book of Luke, that the genealogy of Jesus Christ was also the genealogy of Adam, who was the son of God. Thus the Adamic was a divinely appointed race, whose spiritual beings were transplanted from heaven to earth, as Christ Himself said when He talks about His identity of His people when He came unto us, and to us, it was given, and this race He identified Himself with was the Adamic Race.
Now, someone says:–‘this is only important if we only trace this back to Abraham. And they think in their ignorance, that He is talking about the Jews, and I tell you that He is talking about Israel, He is talking about this Adamic Race. And the reason why we trace this back to Adam is because there were other races here besides Adam. But Adam was God’s offspring, seed transplanted from heaven to embodiment in earth.
When we talk about the Kingdom of God we are talking about the literal rising of people called of God, ordained for this task, selected for this destiny, and even their birth was known unto Him from the beginning.
This is an important thing that we know who we are. Someone says but this does not have anything to do with Christmas. Well, as you gather around that Christmas tree, and there are some gifts there, the name of who this day is celebrated for is very important. You have quite a problem if there is no designation of who it is for. This is the greatest of all gifts, the reason why we give gifts for the children to enjoy, is because this is a part of our celebration of the greatest of all gifts,–God’s gift to us—that He was embodied in the flesh and not ashamed to say:–‘Ye are my kinsmen–my relatives’. You can’t think of any thing better than that but to be a Kinsman of God. And to know in all the covenants, and purposes of God that He kept his word.
“What is man that he is mindful of, that the ‘son of man’ hath visited Him.” I discover in the second chapter of Hebrews in the sixth verse :–“thou hath made him just
a littler lower than the Angels, but crowned him with Glory, and honor, and you set him over all the works of creation. More than this thou put all things under his feet” –We don’t see them all there at the present time but they are going to be restored to him as he comes again to the fullness of divine purpose.
Now, we see Jesus who also come to earth just a little lower than the Angels, and He did this for the suffering of death, crowned with glory and honor; that He by the Grace of God should taste death for every man. For it became Him, for whom are all things, and by whom are all things, in bringing his many sons unto glory; to make the captain of their salvation perfect through suffering. For He who sanctifieth (sets them apart) and they who are set apart are all of one, for which cause He is not ashamed to call them brethren. Before the foundation of the world you were elect according to God, your names were written down in the Lamb’s book of Life, and He who set them apart and they who are set apart are all one: –one race, one household, one people, one genera. And God says that they who were set apart, and He who set them apart are all ONE. And because of this He is not ashamed to call you His brethren.
Do you know anything better than that my friends–have you found anything better than that in any book, or any record? If so then you tell me where it is, for I would like to know if it is better than that. Listen. We read again in this declaration concerning this :—but He not only identified his race and his people, but in that great Prayer which came later.–He said in this great prayer:–‘They are not of this world, as I am not of this world, but don’t take them out of the world’—Why? Because the mighty blueprint of God was the transference of his kingdom from Heaven to earth, to put the world in order, and to over throw the powers of darkness, and to lift up the standards of righteousness until every knee will bow, and every tongue shall proclaim that Christ is LORD.

Some say that is bigotry. But if bigotry then it is bigotry on the side of truth of God. Someone said that the whole world does not want to be preached to, but the whole world is going to do what God wants, cause God is not going to do what the world wants. Let us for a moment think upon this pattern, for we have the genealogy of a household, the Adamic race, the people ruling with God, as it was declared to Enoch, it was declared earlier to Seth, and it was even promised to Adam and Eve concerning the embodiment of God and this final crushing of the powers of darkness by the ‘seed of the woman’, which woman he designated who would be the symbol of his race, when she was cleansed. Let us turn to the words of Isaiah again in the seventh chapter of Isaiah and I read something which is under fire by the enemies of God, and this text is one of the signs of the measures of God’s Grace. It says:– Therefore YAHWEH himself–the Eternal and Great God –and we are using his rightful and right name–YAHWEH Himself give you a sign—Who?–Israel –He shall give you a sign—‘A holy virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and thou shalt call his name Immanuel.
Now, those who want to belittle Christ, and those who want to belittle his words, and all those who who want to hate him today are trying to do away with that sign that He gave. They say:–this should not be translated as a Virgin, it should be translated as— a young woman shall conceive and bear a son. But there is nothing significant about that. All the people I know have been begotten by younger women, or older women, and thee fact that children are begotten and brought forth by women. There is no sign here. The scripture says:—“Behold ! a Virgin shall conceive and bear a son’—-This is the sign I give unto you. –But no, the Christ deniers want to take away a great miracle of God, the Mighty Majesty of God coming to earth, and all that is involved of him being born out of our race, so that he might be our kinsman. This My friends will stand in its own testimony. Some one said: –but there is a new revised transitions which says –a young woman.
I am going to show you just how false that version would be when this is a sign given to Israel—“Behold! —out of your race a woman –a virgin shall conceive and bear a son”. In the instance of this declaration we come over here to the book of Luke as well as the book of Matthew –and Behold! God sent the Angel Gabriel to Joseph, and he was a pretty important messenger, and this Angel comes to Joseph and says:–‘Thou son of David, do not fear to take Mary unto thee as thy wife, for she has conceived of the Holy Ghost.’ This is the Miracle of Christmas–God found a way to join himself to the race He had brought forth as issue. By the majesty of His great and creative force, –reconstructed the essence of Life, into this body He was to dwell in. And this body was the essence and the substance He had before the world was framed. In this same instance we read these words:–“Behold she shall bring forth a son and thou shalt call His name YAHSHUA for He is the Messiah, and He is going to save His people from their sins, He is going to fulfill His destiny. “
Now, it is rather a unique thing that if they want to switch around the translation of Isaiah, to take away the miracle of the Virgin and try to replace this with a young woman, that they forgot to change the gospel to say also that no messenger came. I point out to you that in the magnitude of these events, the testimony was not only given to Joseph, but it was given to the High Priest, it was given to the father of John the Baptist, and it was given by special messenger that came—and it was the Angle Gabriel who came to the Virgin Mary saying:—‘Hail Mary, blessed art thou above all women, for the LORD thy God hath chosen thee to be this vessel.’
You cannot take this out of the heart of Christianity, for it is built around these vital truths. And the attack of the enemy will never destroy it. The most important thing is for you to understand that this is for you. That this belongs to you, that this is a miracle of God. We go back again to Isaiah where you read these words:—“A virgin shall conceive, and bear a son —-Immanuel —meaning God dwelling with us’. No less than this will satisfy us, no less that this will consume the aching need of Christendom.
Listen. We turn again to this chapter where —a child is born and unto us a son is given, and the government shall be upon his shoulders. We are for this government and his enemies are against it. Do you know that they are so worried about this government that is going to be upon His shoulders, this awakening again of Christianity, as God stirs them again in the last days, that they have sought in insidious ways to try to stop the singing of Christmas Carols in our schools. They have sought to keep the Cross off the city halls, or the tableau of the nativity scenes out of the Plaza, and in all public places. They have sought to take Christ out of Christmas and Prayer out of our schools, because they are God’s enemies and they continue to be so. They went so far as to interfere this year in a new area. For many, many years one of the most beautiful of all exhibits, and all of the beauty of the heavens and the sky has been here in Los Angeles up here in the
Planetarium in Griffith Park. Here in that Planetarium we always had a Christmas show that ran each year a couple of weeks before Christmas, and a period there after, that showed the positions of all the planets, and just how the heavens looked at the time of the Birth of the Christ. And they would run this projection in this beautiful Planetarium of the movement of the planets, the conjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter, and the course from which the comet moved, and all these patterns. It was a beautiful and reverent approach which they presented, of the sky which fulfilled the prophecies even given to Enoch as what would transpire and what it would look like at the time of the birth of the Christ.
But Jewry could not take this, and all last week they put on the pressure, unprecedented pressure upon the Planetarium, saying they were not Christians and they did not want the heavens as it was at the time of the birth of Christ shown at this time. My friends, it does not matter whether they like it or not, or whether they turn off this Planetarium.—This happened a long time ago. But this sidereal projector and calculator just projected the evidence in the heavens exactly as they were in the declarations of Enoch, concerning the prophecy of the Star. You in this great Christian nation, where 145 million of you are Christians rejoicing that Christ was born, rejoicing that Christ belongs to you and that you belong to HIM, had in your own nation this scientific approach to the heavens at this time–saw this turned off by the enemies of Jesus the Christ.
Oh, you say I should never insert this in this message, this is Peace and Good Will that we want–but Peace that passes understanding is what we want, we want victory over the enemy here even in our own country. What is this that we anticipate?—‘Of the increase of his government and His Peace there shall be no end.”–Upon the throne of David, and upon His kingdom to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice there shall be no end–henceforth and forever. And the Zeal of YAHWEH of HOSTS is going to perform this.
We not only have the assurance that this son is given, and this child who was born was the Eternal Father, but before Abraham He Was. He made the declaration “I AM”. The Apostle Paul in the book of Colossians points to the Universe and says;–All was made by HIM—Who? –‘The Everlasting Father –who embodied in earth we call YAHSHUA or Jesus.

What could be a greater gift to any people than to be identified with God? He came for them because He said:–I am not come but for the Lost sheep of Israel. Lets go a little further with this declaration–lets turn over here for a moment to the declaration of Peter, for Peter this Apostle of Jesus had a great responsibility in the formation of the church, and in leadership. And in the responsibility in the leadership of the church, and their society, and He said:—“To whom did he come —to whom coming as a living stone?” The Kingdom of God has a lot of such significant factors involved in symbolism. The Kingdom of God is symbolized as an Eternal Kingdom, a Living Kingdom in which God himself, embodied as Messiah, in the earth, is the chief corner stone of that kingdom. That kingdom is established in earth. He taught us to pray:–‘Thy kingdom come they Will be done in earth as it is in heaven.” We are told as the Apostle Peter tells us—“We are living stones fitly framed together, and we grow into a Holy Temple unto God, in which he is the Chief Corner Stone.”
I turn again in the second chapter of Peter in which he says:—to whom did he come? —He came therefore to these Living Stones, and He is the chief corner stone, but all of you are lively stones, built up into a spiritual house and Priesthood. So offer up these sacrifices unto God—and how do you do this–thru the manifestation of He who is Jesus the Christ. —-Therefore it is contained in the scriptures—‘I lay in Zion—‘ and don’t think of the Zionists when we read this and say Zion. We are talking about the Israel of God, not these usurpers who would take your title, your heritage, and your civilization. For God talks about you as the people of His household, and his race, and He says:—-Behold!
I lay in Zion a chief corner stone, elect and precious, and he that believeth in Him shall not be confounded, and unto ye who believe, He is precious, this is the stone which the builders disallowed which is made the Head of the corner.

Ages ago when your forefathers guided by inspiration, in the days of Enoch, erected that great and mighty emblem in the land of Egypt known as the Pyramid, they left the chief cap stone off because of the significance of the measure. That perfect stone would have to seal all the angles and all form in which the whole building was consummated. They left off the cap stone—and it had a spiritual significance for it was the stone that the builders rejected. The same was to become the head stone of the corner. And Christ we discover in the book of Luke identifies himself as that corner stone for this building. Identifying Himself with that symbolism and identifying himself with this great and mighty Kingdom of God–the Great Stone Kingdom. If you look upon the back of a good dollar, or even a new phoney one you see the seal of the United States. And on the obverse side of that seal you will see this pyramid, and this pyramid is made up of stones, and the ‘All seeing eye of God’ next to the cap stone identifies it as the Eternal YAHWEH, the Christ who seals our culture and our destiny —-This is ‘the stone which the builders rejected which has become the head of the corner, and this is the destiny of Christian civilization. I tell you this afternoon that we pray for the elimination from our society of those who will not acknowledge that Stone, or put that Headstone on your government. Jesus said in the book of Luke:—‘Is it not written, that the stone which the builders rejected –that stone has become the head of the corner. And who so ever shall fall upon that stone shall be broken. Who so ever that it falls upon shall be ground into powder. ‘
Yes, in the Majesty of those events we would think back for a few moments to the manifestation and declaration of heaven. Angels came to Joseph and an Angel came to Mary, and even to the shepherds who were out on the hills watching their flock. But convergent with the hope and the expectations of Israel, they had gone to sleep upon the hill side, and suddenly a great miracle transpires—a light shines down around them and all around them. Now I can understand that this must have been a startling thing for these men, for this light to suddenly shine down. This light wasn’t shining from the Pleaides billions of miles away, it was right above them and they could hear voices of the heavenly choir, and thru that process of communications–whether it was a megaphone, or what ever they were using, these Angels on that space craft of God, brought it down so as to awaken those shepherds so they would recognize what He was about to announce. We read these words:–An Angel of the heavenly hosts while this Glory of the LORD was shinning down around, announced –“Behold !–I bring you good tidings of Great joy, for there is born unto you this day in the city of David, a savior which is Christ the LORD.” And this shall be a sign for you shall find a babe wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger. And suddenly there was great heavenly hosts singing and praising God. They were singing:–“Glory to God in the Highest, and on earth Peace and Good Will toward men.”
When it says:–Peace on earth and good will toward men, in some translations it says:—Peace on earth to men of good Will. I point out to you that these shepherds must have had one of the most tremendous thrills of their lives, to bee suddenly singled out b this heavenly choir. They could not see what was behind the light but they could hear this choir singing, and they could hear this voice saying:—‘Do not be afraid, but you go on down to Bethlehem, and this is what you are going to find.
Even the knowledge of the situations which would transpire, for we are told that Joseph had gone down to Bethlehem to pay the tax for his wife Mary. And thus this babe was born in the manger just because there was no room in the inn. Not because there was no room in the inn, not because someone was trying to keep them out of the inn, but everyone going down there to pay their taxes had filled the inn. Thus this child was born in a manger. And in this instance every prophecy, every pattern of destiny involved in this took place.
As we speak to you this evening, about the ‘Star of the New Order’, we will show you how far the astronomical situation for this date had been laid in the heavens. Let me assure you of this. That of all the events of history there was more Glory surrounding this event that people who do not know who Christ was can understand. Heaven was in full operation. Heavenly Hosts were standing by. The angels of God were standing by.

Let me make this clear this afternoon, that the Bible is filled with a long and continuous account. And each one of the Gospels mentions this event. The statement in the books of Matthew and Luke make it quite clear. I want you to recognize that you cannot fully appreciate the magnitude of this event without realizing that all the forces of darkness were also involved in this. If you were to study the 12th chapter of the book of Revelation, you would discover that at the time when this Christ child was being born, that Satan the dragon, and his kingdom, had been gathering all the hosts of darkness so as to try to destroy this child as soon as He was born. It this were not a major part of this message it would not be here in Revelation. And it would not be in the declaration of Matthew as to the birth of Christ.
Herod and his Jewish army sought to destroy the Christ Child at His birth. And that animosity continues until this time and throughout our entire ministry. And we remember that as He was being crucified, they said:–‘Let His blood be upon us and upon our children’, never realizing the mighty dynamic power of His resurrection that would seal for all times any possibility of any fears of any man–that the powers of evil could triumph over God or over His Kingdom, or over His household in the earth. It was God the man who was crucified and it was God the man who resurrected. But the divine power embodied in Him could never be destroyed. For this was the fullness of God dwelling bodily with man. You can have Christmas with all its celebration and all the joy which belongs to it. Do not let anyone take from the fullness of this hour and its majesty by trying to take from you that this was the Mighty fullness of God, dwelling here first in this babe who would grow up the SAVIOR OF OUR RACE. Let me make this clear.—“An Everlasting Father and the Prince of Peace”—this was unto us, this child was born, unto us this son was given. As I turn to the words of Peter, I read:–‘You are a Royal Priesthood, a Holy Nation, and a peculiar people.’
Now the Apostle Paul said that you were strangers and pilgrims in the earth. But the thing I like about what Paul said is:–‘You are people who I see as Strangers and Pilgrims in earth, having your conversation honest among the gentiles (nations), whereas they speak against you are evil. But remember that you are to glorify God.’ The thing I like about what Peter said—‘you are that chosen people’. And now he was talking to the church. And the people who make up that church are Christians and they are members of the Household of god. They have come out of Israel. And they make up all of the white Christian nations on the face of the earth. In this declaration then, the Apostle Paul said–I want you to know that you are like strangers and Pilgrims in the earth, of which the world is not worthy, because they do not recognize who you are, as the powers of darkness fight against you. Therefore you who make up Christendom, among the nations wherein you travel–and altho the word here is gentile or nations—but you are the children of the Living God. You are the Israel of God and the Household of God.

Thus I tell you that Christmas belongs to Israel—elect and precious. When we sing ‘Silent Night, Holy Night’ it was for us, even tho the enemies of HIM made it a night of bloodshed and a night of war. Remember that the life of Christ started out with all the hostility of the enemy against HIM. The Life of Christ was brought to Calgary, but in the mighty triumph of His Resurrection, He triumphed over all the mighty powers and forces of darkness. And with His holy energies He energized His church in the center of your civilization to be extended with a continued realization that the Kingdom of this earth were to become the Kingdom of our LORD AND HIS CHRIST. That you would be stirred to occupy, that the powers of darkness would be defeated. And out of that would come the mighty triumph of Christ and His Kingdom. This is the prophecy, and this is therefore what we now in expectation look forward to —the final scenes of this event. In these latter days, the Kingdom of God has suffered violence and the violence has taken it by triumphant and the powers of darkness are going to lose their control over the Kingdom and over the earth. And the Kingdom will not be given to the Jews and Christianity will be triumphant.
I am going to tell you that there is nothing that God points out that is close in infinity with this message as going back into the book of Isaiah to read again what accompanies this declaration:–We are told that a Virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and then the 8th verse says:– now listen, My people, don’t you associate yourselves with any other races on the face of the earth, because of any fear of any power—for when they say a Confederacy, don’t you be afraid and don’t you join them. You just sanctify the Lord of Hosts in your heart—for in the 9th chapter, it tells us that ‘Unto us this child is born, and unto us this child is given’. But just before this, it makes this declaration concerning this.—That there is confusion in the earth, in there is trouble and problems. But do not forger this declaration.
In the book of Isaiah, again we read:–‘(28:16)–Thus saith YAHWEH–‘behold I lay in Zion, among My people, this foundation, this tried and true stone, this precious corner stone as your foundation. Therefore, believe on this and do not make haste to join these other nations. For I have instructed you not to join them.’
This then is what Christ refers to concerning His coming to earth to fulfill what Peter talked about and what this scripture tells us here in the book of Isaiah. And it says for us not to make a covenant with the enemies of God’s Kingdom, for behold you will be making a covenant with death and with hell—You are making an agreement with the over flowing hoards of darkness in order to make a refuge out of falsehoods and lies. So don’t you make the expectation of your Nation, the center of God’s Kingdom–the United Nations, or your union with pagan powers, but be continually in consecration with the LORD thy God and His commandments. Separate yourself and watch. The LORD thy God created the strength in your nation necessary for its growth and its survival.
Watch this my friends. For He said when you make this refuge of lies as your security, you are bringing on catastrophe. But when you make the LORD of HOSTS your stronghold, then my friends, it says that you will have great victory. You are not to form a confederacy with them. The reason I bring this out is because this is all tied in with the promise of the Virgin and all tied in with the recognition of the Birth of Christ. And I am going to site to you, that at this hour one of the greatest challenges of God’s Kingdom is our faith in this Eternal King, this Messiah, High Born. This Christ who belongs to us and to the orders of His Kingdom, rather than this order of pagan darkness that would swallow us up.

I think we have a little to rejoice about on this Sunday before Christmas. For the first time in a long time, the Congress is trying to act like men. In fact, they were told that they could not even go home for Christmas unless they supported this world order of darkness, this giving away of the substance of God’s Kingdom, this extension of foreign aid to all the enemies of God throughout the world. Oh, they only want to cut it back some, but the system of World Government, the system of World Darkness seeking to try to influence our society was trying to force our people to walk this way. God does not want this. For this is the climax of an age.
I am going to site this to you, that Presidents can get angry, but it is a lot better for Presidents to get angry than for a nation of God’s Kingdom to continue under servitude and bondage. I was interested by this statement on the back of this bulletin from ‘The Disciples of Christ’ with their black Mary and the Chinese Joseph. They said we are going to support President Johnson because he is a member of our church. It is nice to know that he belongs to a church. But it is easy to understand how people become confused in their responsibilities toward God, the preservation of their nation, their racial self respect in carrying out their obligations in the ministry of God’s Kingdom when they have not been properly informed when they go to church.
I charge you that at this time you are witnesses of the Most High God. He said that Ye are My witnesses. And the most important thing that you can witness to is to the Word of God, the identity of God and to the plan of God. Therefore I think that there is not greater contribution that you can make to the service of Christ, to the recognition of His birth, to the joy of this season, than to tell it. Tell it everywhere. Let’s fill the earth with the Joy, the melodies, the Hymns of a people who know that God visited us, came to us, was born for us. Redeemed us that we might finish the task that He sent us into the world to do.
(end of message)