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Study Topic: The Bible Code: What enthusiasts overlook

Study Topic: The Bible Code: What enthusiasts overlook Douglas S. Winnail Many have wondered about the “Bible code.” Does it prove that God inspired the Bible? Does it really predict the future? Does it give us remarkable new insights into Scripture and the world around us? Michael Drosnin’s 1997 book, The Bible Code, was an instantContinue reading “Study Topic: The Bible Code: What enthusiasts overlook”


DARWIN DIED A CHRISTIAN (1809 – 1882) By Dr. Oswald J. Smith TO commemorate the 100th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s The Origin of Species, the following extracts were reproduced from Dr. Oswald J. Smith’s book, The Challenge of Life. It may surprise students of evolution who do not know, to learn that in the closing days of his lifeContinue reading “DARWIN DIED A CHRISTIAN (1809 – 1882)”