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Congregate of Covenant People’s Ministries.

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This WordPress is my own personal blog of edifying Bible topics.

My Biblical Beliefs:

First off, the Bible is a racially exclusive book. It’s to for and about the White race. Adam and his descendants. Blacks, brown, yellows, etc. have nothing to do with it. They have no salvation. God only breathed the breath of life into Adam.

Many Christians will say they don’t believe in evolution yet claim  from White Noah and his White wife came Negroids, Mongoloids, etc… It’s not true.  God created everything KIND AFTER KIND. Two Caucasoids have Never brought forth a nonwhite.

Modern jews have no relation to the tribe of Judah. They are actually the literal seed of Satan through Cain who was fathered by Satan. Cain’s progeny then became the Kenites who are referred to today as the modern jews.  The word Semite comes from Shem or Shemite… Modern jews have no relation to Shem or his descendants, so its funny when they claim anti-semitism yet they aren’t Semites. Jews are known to go and mix with local populations to try and hide their identity and get into positions of power etc. There is a reason 109 Countries have kicked them out throughout history…

The modern state of Israel is a false state. The majority of people there are not even from the tribe of Judah. We are waiting for the Jerusalem from Above when Christ returns. Not the piece of land in the middle east. And the Bible says that false state will be destroyed in the end times.

Judaism has nothing to do with the Bible. Judaism is Talmudic and they say horrible things about Jesus. Christians should never associate with it or call themselves Judeo-Christians.

Jesus is the name by which we are saved by. Many in CI want you to go after these supposed Hebrew names that were never written down since the New Testament was written in Greek. They will tell you oh there was No letter J. The letter J was created as a way to carry over the Greek letter I into English.

More about my beliefs coming soon…

Note 1: I also post content from Whites who aren’t CI because CI teachers don’t cover every single topic in the Bible. I give you the link to the article, etc. but may not agree with everything they say in said article, video, etc or what’s on their website and same goes with stuff from DSCI that I post. I may not agree with everything said in an article, video, etc or what’s on their website. We just have to use our discernment when reading anything and as long as you have a good foundation and pray you will be able to see through it.

Note 2: I do not make money from this blog, nor do I ask for any. This is just my personal blog of things I have found edifying. If you feel an article, sermon, etc. was edifying and you feel the need to give go to their sites and tithe/donate to them. Thank you

Finally, I hope this blog has helped you on your journey to gaining more Bible knowledge.

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