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Christian Identity and Hands on Healing

Christian Identity and Hands on Healing In the videos (if you had seen them in the previous post), you have seen people being healed right on the street or some other public place. This is your “office” – wherever there are people. Some places to find people are: a busy pedestrian area shopping street inContinue reading “Christian Identity and Hands on Healing”


What is Christian Identity?

What is Christian Identity? Christian Identity is the knowledge that the people in the Bible are the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic and Germanic people today. In short, the white people today. That it is not the Jews who were the Israelites in the Bible but the white people. Christian Identity believers differ from other Christians in that weContinue reading “What is Christian Identity?”


ALL ISRAELITES ARE WHITE BUT NOT ALL WHITES ARE ISRAELITES July 6, 2014 Racial Foundation of Adamites It is believed that the Adamic race is only little over 6000 years old while other races such as the Chinese and Negroid races may be much older. The Adamites appeared suddenly and had a high degree ofContinue reading “ALL ISRAELITES ARE WHITE BUT NOT ALL WHITES ARE ISRAELITES”

No Bastards

No Bastardsby Pastor V.S. Herrell It comes as no surprise to Christian Separatists that the Bible explicitly and repeatedly forbids Christiansto associate with mongrels and non-whites and forbids mongrels or non-whites to have any part or lot withthe Body Politic or Government of God. A Christian Separatist needs to look no further than II Corinthians6:14-18 inContinue reading “No Bastards”

Your Identity

Your Identityby Thom Arthur Robb Who would ever argue that identity is unimportant when seeking to bring a fugitive to justice? Surely the innocent party that was brought to trial in place of the real culprit, would be the first to declare identity is very important. Of course, those to whom the crime was committedContinue reading “Your Identity”

Why Is It So Difficult to Believe?

Why Is It So Difficult to Believe …?by Pastor Chuck Kuhler It was not possible to complete the full title of this message in the headline, but it would read, Why Is It So Difficult to Believe that Europeans (Caucasians) Could Well Be the Lost Tribes of Israel? Many within the religious world consider thatContinue reading “Why Is It So Difficult to Believe?”

Israel in the Book of Revelation

Israel in the Book of Revelationby Dr. Oren Fenton Potito In other issues, I have traced for you some of the many references to Israel in the New Testament, showing that the New Testament is as much an Israel book as is the Old Testament. In this issue, I want to examine the Book ofContinue reading “Israel in the Book of Revelation”

The New Testament and Israel Part 2

The New Testament and Israel: Part 2by Dr. Oren Fenton Potito In this series of issues, we shall see that the New Testament is as much an Israel book as the Old Testament. In our last issue, we saw that Jesus Christ strongly emphasized that He had come only to His own people, Israel, andContinue reading “The New Testament and Israel Part 2”