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The Anglo-Saxon Jesus

The Anglo-Saxon Jesus Historical documents tell us Jesus was white. By Jason Robb, J.D. EDITORS NOTE: The term Anglo-Saxon in this article is used generically . The white race has kindred people who do not necessarily identify themselves as Anglo-Saxon. All white people are related by blood and share common ancestry. The term Anglo-Saxon thereforeContinue reading “The Anglo-Saxon Jesus”


The Pride of Race

The Pride of RaceBy: Dr. Wesley A. Swift7-31-66 We turn in our subject today to ‘The Pride of Race.’ We feel that there has been over the last 40 years a tremendous area of slippage in the area of the regard to race. Probably most of the problems that effect our nation today, and thatContinue reading “The Pride of Race”


THE BIBLE AND THE RACE OF DESTINYBy Wesley A. Swift 1-15-62 We are turning this afternoon to a little discussion of the destiny of your race. Too many people have not been informed that the Bible has a message which relates to our race. Therefore, we want to make this affidavit that this book whichContinue reading “THE BIBLE AND THE RACE OF DESTINY”

The White Christian Holocaust

The White Christian Holocaustby Roy B. Mansker The Jews whine continually about the holocaust of six million of their kind being done in during the days of World War II. While there is every evidence to refute their ridiculous claims, they go right on with the BIG LIE, shouting in frenzy, “never again”. Currently, thereContinue reading “The White Christian Holocaust”