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GOD COMMANDS RACIAL SEGREGATIONby Pastor Bertrand L. Comparet, A.B., J.D. In the Bible, God repeatedly warns us against any mixing of races and especially against intermarriage and mongrelization. Some of this has been overlooked because of imperfect translation out of the Hebrew and Greek languages in which the Bible was written. Let us examine someContinue reading “GOD COMMANDS RACIAL SEGREGATION”

Robbing God

Robbing Godby Howard B. Rand Is it possible for a mortal to rob God? Can a man deprive God of that which is His and thus defraud Him? If the answer to these questions is in the affirmative, then it behooves all to give careful consideration to their motives and performances, lest, through deliberate carelessness,Continue reading “Robbing God”

Jesus, God or Not? JESUS, GOD OR NOT?by Pastor Jeromy John Visser (Introduction:) This evening I’d like to further discuss the Biblical fact that Jesus Christ is the God of Israel. About a month and a half ago you might remember that I brought forth a study titled Jesus, Yahweh or Not? but there are literally so manyContinue reading “Jesus, God or Not?”

Jesus Christ: The World’s Most Hated GOD JESUS CHRIST: THE WORLD’S MOST HATED GODby Pastor Jeromy John Visser (Introduction:) Brethren, unlike any other lower-case ‘god’ to be found on planet earth, Jesus is without a doubt the most hated by mankind. A casual glance at the subtle ways in which He’s slandered and ridiculed by the media proves that unlike Buddha,Continue reading “Jesus Christ: The World’s Most Hated GOD”

God’s Rainbow is 7 Colors THE MAJOR DIFFERENCE BETWEEN GOD’S AMAZING 7-COLOR REAL RAINBOW AND THE LGBTQ+ PRIDE FLAG 6-COLOR RAINBOW COUNTERFEIT WILL AMAZE YOU The number 7 in the Bible as well as in nature show the completeness and perfectness of our Heavenly Father. The number 6, on the other hand, does not fare so well. The numberContinue reading “God’s Rainbow is 7 Colors”