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FALSE PROPHETS  by Bertrand L. Comparet For many years, Christianity has been under constant, bitter and treacherous attack—until the major churches are now in disorganized retreat. The attack by those who are openly atheists or Communists has done little damage, as it could not appeal to anyone but our enemies in any event. The mostContinue reading “FALSE PROPHETS”

Judaism has No Devil JUDAISM HAS NO DEVILby Pastor Jeromy John Visser (Introduction:) Brethren, there are makeshift ministries out there who devote a majority of their time attacking their own kinsfolk. That’s not to say an “open letter” or public rebuke of a false prophet isn’t sometimes necessary, but when we see so-called men of god writing longContinue reading “Judaism has No Devil”

Beware of False Prophets BEWARE OF FALSE PROPHETSby Pastor Jeromy John Visser (Introduction:) Brothers and sisters, this morning’s study is based on a very important commandment spoken by our beloved Savior; “Beware of false prophets (Matthew 7:15).” In order to tackle the subject matter at hand, we’ll be covering Jesus’ own description of an erroneous teacher while comparingContinue reading “Beware of False Prophets”