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ALL ISRAELITES ARE WHITE BUT NOT ALL WHITES ARE ISRAELITES July 6, 2014 Racial Foundation of Adamites It is believed that the Adamic race is only little over 6000 years old while other races such as the Chinese and Negroid races may be much older. The Adamites appeared suddenly and had a high degree ofContinue reading “ALL ISRAELITES ARE WHITE BUT NOT ALL WHITES ARE ISRAELITES”

Your Identity

Your Identityby Thom Arthur Robb Who would ever argue that identity is unimportant when seeking to bring a fugitive to justice? Surely the innocent party that was brought to trial in place of the real culprit, would be the first to declare identity is very important. Of course, those to whom the crime was committedContinue reading “Your Identity”

Does the Bible Teach Equality of All Men?

Does the Bible Teach Equality of All Men?by W. B. Record Does the Bible provide a basis for the teaching of equality? The answer is an emphatic, “No.” The Bible teaches the very opposite. Again and again the Creator made selection among the races of mankind, and with the selection made pronouncement. Even of Noah’sContinue reading “Does the Bible Teach Equality of All Men?”

Do Oil and Water Mix?

Do Oil and Water Mix?by Pastor Chuck Kuhler Taking an experiment from a sixth grade science class, I pose the following:If you take a cup of oil (of any type) and mix it with a cup of water and then shake the combination, will both the oil and the water remain in suspension or willContinue reading “Do Oil and Water Mix?”