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Seventy-Two Scriptural Marks of Israel

Seventy-Two Scriptural Marks of Israel Identity
(Fulfilled in the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic,
Scandinavian, and Kindred Tribes)
Author unknown

  1. Abraham was to be a great and mighty nation. Gen 18:18 (America)
  2. Abraham’s name was to be great. Gen 12:2
  3. Jacob-Israel was to be exceedingly fruitful. Gen 28:14, Gen 49:22, Num 23:10, Isa
    10:22, Hos 1:10, Zech 10:8
  4. Jacob-Israel was to spread abroad to the West, East, North, and South. Gen 28:14,
    Isa 43:5-6
  5. Israel was to have a Davidic king. Jer 33:17, 21, 26; Ezek 37:24; II Sam 7:13, 19
  6. Israel was to be the first of the nations. Deut 14:2; 26:19
  7. Israel was to continue as a nation forever. II Sam 7:16, 24, 29; Jer 31:35-37; I
    Chron 17:22-27
  8. Israel was to dwell alone. Num 23:9; Deut 33:28
  9. Israel was to have a new home. II Sam 7:10; I Chron 17:9
  10. Israel’s home would be Northwest of Palestine. Isa 49:12; Jer 3:18
  11. Israel’s home would be un-invade-able. Isa 41:11-14; II Sam 7:10
  12. Israel to be undefeatable – defended by God. Num 24:8; Isa 54:15-17
  13. Israel to be like a Lion. Num 23:24; 25:9
  14. Israel to have control of the seas and a great naval power. Deut 33:19; Psalms
    89:25; Isa 50:5; Isa 43:16
  15. Israel to have a land of great mineral wealth. Deut 33:15-19
  16. Israel to have a land of great agricultural wealth. Deut 33:13-14, 28
  17. Israel to become rich by trading. Deut 8:9; Isa 60:10, 12; Mic 7:16
  18. Israel to be above all nations. Isa 43:4; 60:10, 12; Mic 7:16
  19. Israel to have great colonies. Gen 17:4,6,15,16; 35:11; 48:19
  20. Israel to lose a colony and then increase demanding more room. Isa 49:20
  21. Israel to lend to other nations borrowing from none. Deut. 15:6; 28:12
  22. Israel to reign over many nations but to be ruled over by none. Deut 15:6
  23. The heathen were to diminish before Israel. Isa 60:12; Jer 46:28
  24. Israel was to possess the gates of his enemies. Gen 22:17
  25. Israel was to have all the land he needed. Deut 32:8
  26. Israel was to possess the land from the Euphrates to the uttermost sea
    It is imperative that you as a white Israelite know and understand the above scriptural
    identifications as well as those following. (Even to the point of memorizing as many as
    you can) in order that you will be scripturally prepared to answer our countless
    antagonists regarding your convictions and beliefs. I Peter 3:15
  27. Israel was to be a people saved by the Lord. Deut 33:27-29; Isa 41:8-14; 43:1-8;
    49:25-26; 52:1-12; 54:1-10, 13, 15; Jer 46:27-28; Ezek 34; Hosea 2:23; 13:2-14;
    14:4, 6; Mic 6:6-13
    Seventy-Two Scriptural Marks of Israel Identity
  28. Israel was to live in islands and coasts of the earth. Isa 41:1-2; 49:1-3; 51:5; Jer
  29. Israel was to have a new language. Isa 28:11 (Note that the Bible, through which
    God now speaks to Israel, is in English, not Hebrew.)
  30. Israel was to have a new name. Isa 62:2; 65:1; 15; Hos 2:17
  31. Israel was to have a new religion. Jer 31:33-34; Heb 8:13; 9:17; Luke 2:32; 22:20;
    Matt 10:5-6; 15:24, 26; Luke 1:77; Gal 3:13; John 11:49-52
  32. Israel was to lose all trace of her linage. Hos 2:6; 1:9-10; 2:17; Isa 42:16
  33. Israel was to keep the Sabbath forever. Ex 31:13, 16-17; Isa 58:13-14
  34. Two great rival nations were to spring from Joseph. Gen 43:13, 20
  35. Israel was to have a heathen empire. Psalms 111:5-6; 149:2-8
  36. Israel was to be the custodian of the oracles of God. Isa 59:21; Psalms 147:19-20
  37. Israel was to be a people glorifying in Christ. Isa 41:16; Acts 5:31; Rom 11:26-27;
    Luke 2:32; 1 Peter 2:7-8; John 11:52
  38. Israel was to carry the gospel to all the world. Gen 28:14; Isa 43:21; Micah 5:7; Isa
  39. Israel was to be God’s heritage, formed by God, for God forever. Deut 4:20; 14:2; II
    Sam 7:23-24; Isa 43:21; 54:5-10; Micah 7:14-18; Hos 2:19, 23; Joel 2:27; I Kings
  40. Israel was to kind to the poor. Deut 15:7, 11
  41. Israel will not be found in the circumcision. Circumcision was a sign of the old
    covenant. Israel will be found under the new. Heb 8:6-9; 9:17; Acts 15:10;
    (Circumcision abolished acts 15:19, 29)
  42. Israel was to be the refuge of the downtrodden, the liberator of slaves. Isa 49:8-9;
  43. Israel is described as “Drunken.” Isa 28:1-17
  44. Israel was named after Isaac. Gen 21:12; Amos 7:16; Rom 9:7 (Saxon is a
    shortening of the name “Isaac’s sons.”)
  45. Israel was to be kingdom of priests, a holy nation to the Lord. Ex 19:6; Deut 7:6;
    Lev 2:26; Isa 61:6; 62:12. The whole nation are to be called priests.
  46. Israel was to pray towards Jerusalem. I Kings 8; 2 Chron 6:21, 26
  47. The nation was to be the Church.
  48. The whole people good and bad formed the singular name “Great Britain.” Brit is
    Hebrew for covenant. Britain is the covenant land, and the Anglo Saxons are
    covenant people.
  49. Israel or Joseph, must have possession of the stone of Israel. Gen 49:22, 26. It can
    be found today in Westminster Abbey, London, England.
  50. Israel was to deliver Jerusalem in the last days. Ezek 25:14; 36:8, 12; Luke 21:24
  51. Israel’s new home was to be filled with the treasures of the gentiles Isa 60:5, 16; 61:6
  52. Israel’s teachers, pastors and shepherds were to be blind. Ezek 34:1-16; Isa 42:16-
    20; 43:8
  53. Israel was to colonize the desolate places of the earth. Isa 49:8; 54:3
  54. Israel was to encompass or girdle the earth. Deut 32:8-9; Jer.10:16; Psalms 74:2;
    Isa 60:12
  55. Israel’s return is to be – among other places – from Australia. Isa 49:12; The A.V.
    says; “land of Sinim.” The Vulgate translates this as “Terra Australis.”
  56. The Lord undertakes to fight against all who fight Israel. Isa 41:8-14; 49:25-26;
    52:12; 55:15-17
  57. Israel’s seed is to be honored among the gentiles. Isa 61:4, 6, 9
  58. Israel was to possess God’s Holy Spirit as well as His word. Isa 44:3; 59:21; Haggai
  59. Israel was to be gentle and magnimous in victory. I Kings 20:31
  60. Those that bless Israel are to be blessed, and those who curse her are to be cursed.
    Gen 12:3; Num 24:9 (This does not refer to the Jews.)
  61. Israel is to be the chief opponent of the Anti Christ at the battle of Armageddon.
    Ezek 38:39 Many Bibles commentators believe this will be part of the Anglo Saxon
  62. Israel is to be heir to the world. Rom 4:13 Through faith, not the Law. Isa 60:21;
    Zeph 3:19
  63. Israel to be God’s glory. Isa 46:13; 49:3; 60:1-2
  64. Israel is to call an unknown nation, and unknown nations are to run to Israel. Isa
  65. Israel is to pride herself in lifting up of the nations. Isa 49:8-9; 61-6
  66. Israel is to be sown in the earth. Hos 2:23; Jer 31:27; Zech 10:9
  67. Israel is to punish edom in the last days. Ezek 25:14; Obad 18; Isa 11:14; Amos
  68. Israel to break to pieces the nations. Jer 51:19-24; Micah 5:8; Num 23:24; 24:8-9;
    Dan 2:44
  69. Israel is the nation appointed to bring glory to God. Isa 41:8-16; 43:10, 21; 44:23;
    49:3; 60:21
  70. Israel’s people to be established in righteousness. Isa 54:14; 45:25; Rom 11:26
  71. Israel to remain in ignorance of her special relationship to God until the great
    revealing comes. Ezek 39:7, 22, 28
  72. Israel’s soldiers in the latter days will wear scarlet uniforms. Nahum 2:3 Here we find a perfect description of our streets and roads at the end time and the soldiers of Great Britain ware red. How interesting. However the trooping of the colors takes place in England, for ceremonial occasions like the reacted marriage of the Prince of Wales, the colors of the Foot Guards and the Household Cavalry, is red.
    There are other marks in addition to these, if the Bible student will take time to look
    for them.
    If you can find a nation, or group of nations, which has these marks upon them, then
    you have found true Israel. The Jews do not match a single one!!! Fulfilled in the
    Anglo–Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, and kindred tribes alone.
    Published by: First Century Christian Ministries at

Click to access ic-seventy-two-scriptural-marks-of-israel-identity.pdf


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