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TWO TURTLEDOVES – IN LIEU OF A LAMB? A study by Gavin Finley SUMMARY: The two turtledoves in holy scripture and in literature present a picture of devotion and covenant lovingkindness. It is a sublime vision of earthly love and friendship. Two is the number of witness. One person is bringing a witness onContinue reading “TWO TURTLEDOVES”


The Timing Of Satan’s Appearance

The Timing Of Satan’s Appearance BIBLE STUDY| BRANDON T. WARD | MAY 12, 2017 The Timing Of Satan’s Appearance At this point in our study it should be clear the Tribulation of Satan cannot occur until we witness the conflict between the Ram and the Goat whose horn will break as we documented in Chapter 2. This eventContinue reading “The Timing Of Satan’s Appearance”

Anathema Maranatha

1 Corinthians 16:22 If any man love not the Lord Jesus Christ, let him be Anathema Maranatha. Anathema-Word: anaqemaPronounce: an-ath’-em-ahStrongs Number: G331Orig: from 394; a (religious) ban or (concretely) excommunicated (thing or person):–accused, anathema, curse, X great. G394Use: TDNT-1:354,57 Noun NeuterHeb Strong: H27641) a thing set up or laid by in order to be kept1a)Continue reading “Anathema Maranatha”

Was Moses Father-In-Law A Kenite?

BIBLE QUESTIONS| BRANDON T. WARD | NOVEMBER 20, 2015 Was Moses Father-In-Law A Kenite? Was Moses Father-In-Law A Kenite? Name: VirginiaQuestion: Was Moses father-in-law a Kenite or simply lived among them? Name: Brandon T. WardAnswer: Virginia, thank you for the question. While it is commonly believed Moses father-in-law was a Kenite, nothing could be further from the truth as we will document.Continue reading “Was Moses Father-In-Law A Kenite?”