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Matthew 12:25-26

The demons are a kingdom divided against themselves. Jesus is addressing a challenge that the demon He had just cast out of this person had been cast out by Satan. Jesus’ argument is, “No, Satan would never cast out Satan.” It would be stupid for Satan to cast himself out. He is not saying that under every conditionContinue reading “Matthew 12:25-26”


Two cups- The Cup of Salvation, The Cup of Wrath

Two cups- The Cup of Salvation, The Cup of Wrath The phrase “drinking of the cup” symbolizes sharing the consequences of what was in that cup. It also came to mean accepting what the King has dealt out. The whole world drinks of Babylon’s cup, full of the wine of her fornications and abominations. SinceContinue reading “Two cups- The Cup of Salvation, The Cup of Wrath”

How to Anoint Oil

How to Anoint Oil Co-authored by wikiHow Staff | Reader-Approved | References Anointing oil, also referred to as blessing or consecrating oil, is an act that turns standard oil into a great spiritual symbol and tool. The process is fairly straightforward. The oil is put in a special, small container and then a blessing is said over it. Once theContinue reading “How to Anoint Oil”

What is the Nazarite Vow?

What is the Nazarite Vow? The requirements of the Nazarite vow are found primary in the Old Testament passages of Numbers 6:1 – 21, Judges 13:5 – 7, 16:17 and Amos 2:11 – 12. Those who took this (usually) voluntary pledge consecrated himself or herself to some special service to the Eternal. Those who wished to dedicate themselves as a Nazarite could doContinue reading “What is the Nazarite Vow?”