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Mongrel in the bible

The word mamzir is Hebrew for mongrel.It is defined by Strongs Hebrew and Chaldee Dictionary as “a mongrel”

The Greek word moichos is defined by judeo scholars Liddell and Scott as “an adulterer,paramour,debaucher,Lat.moechus.Lampedefines it as ‘debauch,adulterate”.

What does adulterate,adultery mean? Websters Third New International Dictionary “to corrupt,debase,or make impure,by the addition of a foreign substance.”

Adulter is the Latin root word ,defined by Ainsworth as debauched,mixed.Latin adulteratus as debauched,defiled,sophisticated,adulterated or mixed,opp. To sincerus”.

The opposite here is sincerus  defined by Cassell’s as pure,unmixed,whole,sound,genuine.”

In biblical context these words mean Mongrelization,corruption of the racial seedline,and in some cases corruption by extra marital affairs.

For more info refer to The Truth Unveiled and The Sixth Law of God


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