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What the Bible Says about White Supremacy – Part 1

Included in the list of pejorative, race-obsessed, buzz words intended to express a belittling connotation of criticism and disrespect is “White supremacy.” If you want to make White people cringe and cower, just let loose the racially-charged epithet accusing them of “White supremacy” to bring them to heel.

Immediately “White supremacy” conjures up a worldview belief and conviction that White people are superior above all other races and should dominate over them. In the prevailing atmosphere of racial and cultural equality, this idea is abhorrent and is to be rejected and condemned in no uncertain terms. This ranks right up there with armed robbery and murder.

Understanding White Supremacy

But who stops and asks, “What does ‘White supremacy’ mean?” How is it to be defined? You see, that’s the first problem. How can anybody intelligently think about, be discerning about, or have a reasonable conversation about “White supremacy” unless it is defined and there is agreement on an exact definition? So, for the sake of argument, let’s go with the above-mentioned notion that “White supremacy” means that one believes that the White race is superior over other races and should dominate or have control over them.

The second problem that must be solved is this: White supremacy in respect to what? Painting an undefined, broad-brush conclusion on White supremacy will be inaccurate and distorted. For example, if you look at what race is represented on the college or pro football or basketball arenas, it is pretty evident that Blacks dominate over Whites. They not only are over-represented in numbers, but even more so since Blacks comprise only about 13% of the total American population compared to 61.3% of Whites. In the area of these sports Blacks dominate over Whites. Is that because Blacks are superior in these sports? Looks like it to me. Black supremacy. So what? Who cares just so long as your team wins – right? In truth, Blacks and other non-White people are exempt from any supremacy talk.

White Supremacy and Civilization

Let’s look at another example. How about the area of civilization and culture? Few ask about whether White people historically are more civilized and advanced than, let’s say, Black African countries. It’s quite the rage in today’s elite equality culture to discredit and reject Western European civilization. And there are numerous debates on what constitutes civilization and culture. But let’s get real. If all civilizations and cultures were equally the same, then why do White people seek out other areas where White people live? Why, since the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 and the Immigration Act of 1965, have White people fled racially-mixed areas to seek out their own communities and now even larger regions of the country? Are White people just evil, good-for-nothing racists? Do they think they are just too superior compared to other races?

Why is it that virtually no one goes on vacation to Somalia, but will definitely go to Germany, Ireland, Sweden or Austria, for example.   If the other races with their cultures are so wonderful, why is it that they are all moving to White countries instead of staying home? And why aren’t the Whites illegally or legally immigrating to India, Somalia, Haiti or the Arabian countries? Why are Whites fleeing South Africa since Black rule took over? By the way, have you ever heard of any White “no-go zones”?  No. They are all of other races – mostly Black.

White Supremacy – Ideology and Reality

The truth of the matter is that White civilizations and culture are historically preferable and superior. In what respect?  Law and order, arts, health, sanitation, education, inventions, government, agriculture, transportation, music and so forth. The equality and diversity crowd would howl at this, but who among them is going to prove their ideology and move to a neighborhood that is, let’s say, at least 30% non-White? Few would put their money where their mouth is and send their children to a racially-mixed school.  No, they will seek out White people like themselves, yet they hypocritically deny the real reason. You know I’m right.

The truth is that non-White civilization and culture is simply not compatible for White people. Call it what you want, but that’s reality.

So please, to those who use “White supremacy” in a mindless attempt to demonize White people for their own self-preserving agenda, get off your “White supremacy” high horse and let’s just be honest. And, by the way, I don’t know of any individual White person who wants to dominate the other races. They just want to be left alone – by themselves without the threat of non-White invasion in the very few White homogeneous areas left.

Bottom line? The “White supremacy” line is just a tactical weapon to beat White people down. So, if you’re White, don’t fall for it.

Now, with that introduction on the subject, I will be posting Part 2 next week, discussing what the Bible says about the White race. See you then!

Lawrence Blanchard, ND, MDiv

PS        If you haven’t gotten your copy of The Greatest Deception of Our Time (Book Five), there is more information on the racial equality and multicultural movement that you may enjoy. Click here to learn more.


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