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What the Bible Says about White Supremacy – Part 2

An honest, cursory review of history reveals that the past great civilizations were built by the White race. Sumer (c.3100-2300 B.C.) Phoenicia (c.3000 B.C.) Egypt (c.3000-526 B.C.; founded by Menes, descendant of Ham—Psalm 78:51; 105:23,27) Assyria (c.2400-607 B.C.) the Indus Valley of north-western India (c.2000 B.C.) Persia (c.2000-331 B.C.) Greece (c.750-168 B.C.) Parthia (c.500 B.C.-A.D.225) Rome (c.500 B.C.-A.D.33) All of these civilizations sprang from the AdamicContinue reading “What the Bible Says about White Supremacy – Part 2”


What the Bible Says about White Supremacy – Part 1

Included in the list of pejorative, race-obsessed, buzz words intended to express a belittling connotation of criticism and disrespect is “White supremacy.” If you want to make White people cringe and cower, just let loose the racially-charged epithet accusing them of “White supremacy” to bring them to heel. Immediately “White supremacy” conjures up a worldviewContinue reading “What the Bible Says about White Supremacy – Part 1”

What the Bible Says about Racism

Since there is no word in the Bible such as “racism” or “racist,” is there another word or concept that would be representative? To find out the answer, we have to determine what “racism” means. So, let’s do a little history lesson on this word. History of “Racism” In respect to the English language, “racism”Continue reading “What the Bible Says about Racism”