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Should We Love The Ungodly?

The Unconditional Love Cult There is a belief that has invaded our churches and in our secular life. This belief subverts our social order, it ungodly and unconstitutional. Yet, the churches, the media, the educational system and our government says that it’s good. This belief was started in the churches by those who are theContinue reading “Should We Love The Ungodly?”


The Tares Have Risen above the Wheat

The Tares Have Risen above the WheatCol. J. Richard Niemela History it appears has reached that prophetic time when false claimants to privilege, when obstructors of a true course through a Christian life are revealed—those who now possess the Dominion! Reached a time when these pretenders to the Kingdom are exposed for who and whatContinue reading “The Tares Have Risen above the Wheat”


By: Arnold Kennedy. 26-2-96. INTRODUCTION. Why is there so much conflict over the “Rapture”? Why is there so much uncertainty? In the Christian world, some have even lost their faith over this one issue. Our attitudes and outlook in life and to the world in general are based upon the doctrines we hold, and theseContinue reading “RAPTURE REFLECTIONS. A REVIEW OF THE “RAPTURE” DOCTRINE.”