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What is Christian Identity?

What is Christian Identity? Christian Identity is the knowledge that the people in the Bible are the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic and Germanic people today. In short, the white people today. That it is not the Jews who were the Israelites in the Bible but the white people. Christian Identity believers differ from other Christians in that weContinue reading “What is Christian Identity?”


17 Judges or Leaders of Israel

1. OTHNIEL in Hebrew means: God is force – Tribe of Judah – 40 years of peace until he died – 1373BC-1334BC – Judges 3:9-11.Othniel’s father Kenaz, younger brother of Caleb, Married Achsa (Achsah) in Hebrew means: serpent-charmer Caleb’s daughter, because of a promise Caleb made to his troops. 2. EHUD in Hebrew means: strong– 2nd Left handed son of Gera the Benjamite 1316BC-1237BC peaceContinue reading “17 Judges or Leaders of Israel”


Kings of the United Kingdom of Israel and Judah Kings of the Divided Kingdom of Israel and Judah Kings of Israel Kings of Judah In around 1020 B.C. the Israelite tribes reunited to form the United Kingdom of Israel and Judah when the prophet Samuel anointed Saul from the tribe of Benjamin as the firstContinue reading “CHARTS OF THE KINGS OF ISRAEL AND JUDAH”

Miscegenation in the Bible

Miscegenation in the Bible By Pastor Dan Gayman – June 24, 2019 Facebook Twitter Google+ PinterestWhatsApp Some five hundred years ago a resolute, stubborn, German-born Christian dared to defy the unchallenged supremacy of the Roman papacy and bring the conscience of his people back to the authority of God and Scripture. In 1517, Martin LutherContinue reading “Miscegenation in the Bible”