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How Being A “Racist” Can Save Your Life

How Being A “Racist” Can Save Your Life

We hear from the Communist Left that racists are the worst people in the world. Well, being a racist can save your life if you think about it. If you are one of those “bad racist,” here is what you would probably do:

  • move out of the neighborhood when you see non-whites move in
  • not walk or work in “no-go zones”
  • would not marry a non-white
  • teach your children about the importance of race
  • be more cautious when non-whites are walking in back of you
  • leave the area if you are in a crowd and it’s getting darker
  • you would be cautious of dealing with non-whites in business

In short, if you were a racist you would:

  • save your family’s life
  • save yourself from losing money
  • raise your children so as you will have grandchildren that look like you

You save your family’s life by living in a safer area and not be a victim that you often read in the newspapers. You would be out of the area where drug gangs usually live; away from those who are taught to hate whitey.

By moving, you would get more money for your home.

By teaching your children at home you can set them straight on the importance of race and segregation and thus ensure (God willing) that your children will remember this when they are older and marry someone from their own race – to have children that look like their parents and you.

After all, this is what most of the race-mixers do – certainly those who are directing the plebs that demonstrate in the streets. These bleeding-heart liberals do not practice what they preach; they don’t believe what they tell others who actually go out on the street and demonstrate.

The wealthy liberals live in white neighborhoods, put their children in mostly white schools, go on holidays where it’s safe for white people, join golf clubs that are all white. And, for extra security live in a guarded neighborhoods that probably has a wall around it. In short, they do what bad “racists and Nazis” do. They know the truth about race, so, why don’t you?

When you are racially conscious, you’ll have a happier, safer and more prosperous life. That’s what will happen if you are “a big bad racist”!


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