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by Dr. Wesley A. Swift—–12-8-63

As we turn in our thinking to this subject, we have noticed a trend in much of organized religion which requires that you and I renounce it. Often I hear the words ‘why is it that so many of the churches go along with Communism, Socialism and its friends. Why are they against other religious activities? Why are they against the national Council of Churches? Why can’t they deplore all other judgments?
I want to point out to you this afternoon, that there are certain operations taking place in America in the name of religion that all true Christians must renounce. In these areas we have some most significant developments. There is a trend today upon the part of left-wingism and of liberalism upon the part of those who deny the part of deity and all of the things which God has unveiled, to play down everything which relates to God, or Christ, and to take away the responsibility and respect that belongs to the Eternal God. And they seek to belittle all of these operations.
Not so long ago, the Unitarians were trying to prove that Christ should be understood in modern manifestation of what HE would be like here today. So they presented a picture of the Christ seated in a bar, smoking a cigarette, and having a cocktail with those who were there, saying HE was a wine-bibber in HIS time, associating with the publicans, and this is the way HE would be today. And in this character that they rated HIM, they sought to downgrade Christ and to belittle the patterns of HIS deity and HIS nature.
I have in my hands, the Lutheran Standard which is the Lutheran magazine. And they are discussing what the National Council of Churches and the Protestant Orthodox Center at the New York World’s Fair were going to put on in their main program, so that they might present a modern aspect of religion. And we read these words: “Operation over films and objections over films to be shown at the Protestant Orthodox Center at the ‘New York World’s Fair’ have led to the resignation of two men from the process. One of them is Mr. Nichols and the other one is Mr. Marshall. They say that the film will not carry the predominately true version, because the ‘steering committee’ is predominately liberal.
Now let’s take a look at what a liberal steering committee would do to present Christ to the world today at the World’s Fair. Just what would the National Council of Churches go along with? What will world-modern churches do to present Christ? It was bad enough when the Unitarians, who are not even considered Christian at all, because they embrace in their membership, Buddhist and Jews . . . but when the National Council of Churches and normal denominations join themselves to carry out such a project as portraying Christ at the World’s Fair, then this is your business, my business, and every Christians business. So the man who is at the head of this, said that the difference is not over modern or conservative view points, but whether preaching in modern art form was as effective in reaching people connected to the church. The film in question was a pantomime portraying Christ as a circus clown who died hanging from a rope of a tent pole.
Now the sacrileges, the infamy, of these so-called clergy who we describe this afternoon, as voices out of a pit. Anytime you try to downgrade Christ into the position of a circus clown, you have the intelligence of this aggravating, Satanic force which is in Christianity today. I point this out because this is the price of the trend. And they said that what was causing some of these people who were so conservative who were too conservative for the good of the church, to disassociate themselves from the program, was the fact that they were out of step with the times. I think that is rather significant to our thinking. This past week in Philadelphia, the National Council of Churches had just held a major convention, and they established a program, a ten-point program, which would purge all churches from racism, was laid before the assembly. And this was anticipated that it would be hard for all southern church members to swallow. The council officials said however, that an overwhelming adoption of the total action has taken place and they barred, of course, the objecting forces. And now 31 major denominations with 41 million members has now taken place and will now act upon the decision of the National Council of the Churches of Christ, in Philadelphia. But some of the Christian Churches as well as this one, will not act upon it. They propose that all National Church bodies and all local church bodies take the next immediate step. First to assure that every Christian church will be open to every individual, irrespective of race, color, or creed. And this is in anticipation of all functions and all acts. It seems that every Council of Churches will be open to all races, all colors, and all creeds, in all participation of all acts of worship or anything that relates to it. This, my friends, means that Hindu, Buddhist, Muhammadans, Jews, can move in and monopolize and participate in every function and in every religious activity in any Christian church, of the National Council of Churches for Christ. My friends, now the enemy can pack the hall and you won’t have any place to sit.
Listen. That the churches must sponsor regular contact between Negro and White Christians thru interracial camps and outings, clubs, conferences, and meetings. But this is a direct violation of Divine instruction.
Now it must remove every racial discrimination from church employment policies, integrating the staff from the janitor to the Pastors, irrespective of race and background.
Now I think that is just what you would expect of the World Council of Churches. For they would pay no attention to race or background. For all are about the same. How can you function as a religious organization? How could you carry out your objective if in your employment was every race, color or creed? I do not know how a church would function. Especially in its correspondence, in its areas of business, and in every function of the church. For it is essential for those who work inside of the organization that have the spiritual capacity to interpret and carry out the responsibilities of their creed. Remove completely, any discrimination in any of the employment policies of the members of the congregation? How would you carry that out? Reduce Sunday School material to make sure that every youngster is acquainted with the fact that major Christian responsibility is to bring about total racial equality and absorption in order to have racial justice. Thus, this would cause every Sunday School child to be taught to violate Divine law.
Now let’s take a look at the next area of it. To integrate all of the governing force, staff and clientele of all church owned institutions, hospitals, orphanages, medical centers, homes for the aged, so that we can have second-class services in all of these places. This will see that all of the private hospitals as well as the general hospitals will be in trouble. Require fair employment practice clauses in all church construction and in all church employment portfolios, so that there will be no discrimination in any areas of investment and give financial support to all Civil Rights organizations. Most today, are Communist front organizations including NAACP and CORE, and a great number of these others whose leadership has been members of the Communist party and have been participating in Communist activities. But you are to encourage and support them according to the National Council of Churches. You are to support the enactment of all civil rights legislation.
We will not take the time this afternoon to go into every area of this, but the Bar Association has decided that the Civil Rights Act of 1963 is total subordination of every civil liberty. For if you have any normal function of American life, then you come under the function of this Civil Rights Act of 1963. If you have any money in the bank, if you involve yourself in any contract, if you have a car and drive it so that you have to get a license, you may be in trouble to get a licence in your district. If you are dependent upon unemployment insurance, or dependent upon social security, or if there is anything that will come in your future, anything supplied by government, to you, or by this same policy, if you own your own home and pay taxes there on, or if you are a citizen and are buying a home and a payment must be paid to a bank or if you do any business with a bank, or if you are a nonprofit corporation, or even a profit corporation, and do any business, then you come under the jurisdiction of the enforcement of the Civil Rights Act of 1963. All of this becomes enforceable over you, and can be refused to you unless you subordinate and submit to this Jew type of Federal dictatorship. The churches of Jesus the Christ should be the strongest in opposition to all of this Satanic tyranny, but we find the National Council of Churches coming out to embrace it, and to call for the actual processes of anti-Christ and the acceptance of it as well.
I think this is rather significant and we add this pattern to your thinking, and we add a rather new item —10,000 Chinese refugees have been admitted to America in the last 10 months. They have been admitted under a special rule without anyone knowing about it. These are refugees from Communist China who move by way of Hong Kong to the United States as a part of President Kennedy’s concern over 70,000 refugees who came to Hong Kong because they were short of food inside of Red China. So we started absorbing these by special arrangement, and we have already taken in 10,000. And there are many, many more. Thousands of them that are going to be brought into these United States. The unhappy reality is that the great majority of these people who came thru the Bamboo Curtain on foot. And after arriving in Hong Kong, then they come over here. And we have no way of knowing what their background is. Here we have a violation of American Immigration laws and undoubtedly a ‘fifth column’ into the U.S. in this procedure.

Now I want to call your attention to a most significant step. We have a bulletin here dated November 4, 1963, which states that the United States and other nations are now moving into the program called ‘World currency.’ This program of ‘World currency’ will eventually replace your currency. And with all of the solid assets of your country to back that currency will be on deposit in a United Nations World Bank. In order that we may help the undeveloped nations who do not have the gold and the silver, and thus commodities to back their currency. Thus a world currency must be created in which the ‘have nations’ provide currency for the ‘have nots.’ Under this program you will be putting in gold and silver, if you have any of it left, and the Hottentots will be putting in Elephant knuckles and empty oyster shells from their pearl diving in order that they might have new developments in their areas in order that we might modernize their ‘head shrinking’ with lesser specification. You say, this cannot come to pass?— “Come out of her my people.” Mystery Babylon’s design for world conquest and world control continues to progress. And we are trying to warn Christian people and save them from the program of the anti-Christ.
Now along with the new federal or world currency which is to replace all currency and which is to be distributed thru out all of the world so that they might buy all of the goods that you will be harnessed to produce . . . and now we have a new program called ‘World taxation.’ This program of the United Nations will levy an income tax against all wage earners everywhere, comparable to that which is levied by the Federal Government in order to insure an equal development and equal distribution of necessary goods to ‘have not’ and underprivileged nations. The United Nations is now developing, with the help of the ‘left wing’ liberals who still surround the President, a direct tax against every wage earner thru out the world. And this would help the underdeveloped, underprivileged, and unemployed people thru out Africa and Asia . . . to help them get their necessary part of the production of the world for the benefit of civilization.
Now I tell you that as American Citizens, that you start binding the darkness and saying that we refuse to pay a United Nations tax. When your forefathers signed the Declaration of Independence, they were setting you free from a diabolical plan to subordinate the kingdom. Someone says, “These things do not look good. It looks as tho everything is degeneration at a high speed.” Well, my friends, when we see these things come to pass, we know that we are in the time of ‘Jacobs Trouble’ and we are going to be delivered. We also know that we are coming into a time of climactic human history. We will point out to you in a few minutes the most important thing which you can understand. I want to point out, however, that in the face of these developments in the last few weeks, which may have had more direct communist support than you realized, in this design to take away the remaining liberties of the American citizen and try to cast a doubt upon the Patriots and that part of it referred to as the ‘Right wing.’ Thru out the last two weeks, we have heard the downgrading of Patriots and Christian Americans. And we have watched the appointment of Chief Justice Earl Warren to the investigation of the death of President Kennedy, and who is now asking for subpoena powers and demonstrating his bias. He should have barred himself from any function on the Supreme Court. For he stood before that casket and blamed the ‘Right Wing’ for this assassination, and referred to them as the most dangerous thing in America. If this is unbiased, then someone should explain the English language to President Johnson.
Now there is a backlash to this. The ‘L.A. Times’ has fallen hook, line, and sinker for the Communist line of the working out of a program for the total disarmament of the American people. And in this, they have had editorial after editorial, calling for the total disarmament, calling for the registration and confiscation and taking over of every type of privately owned guns . . . pistols to shotguns. And today, they denounce this, and deny that we have any right under the Second Amendment to have and to bear arms. And they say this is only talking about the maintenance of a militia. And then they go a little further. And I read to you how they classify people. They say:… “It seems abundantly clear now, that this right is limited only to a regulated Militia. It does not guarantee hunters, bank presidents, or robbers to have arms.” This, my friends, is modern reporting slanted out of Communists reporters. It is time we started telling newspapers that we will not buy your products as long as the papers follow these policies . . . Robbers, bank robbers, and assassins . . . That is modern Journalism . . . but not at its best.
Someone came to me the other day and they said, “Dr. Swift, every thing is going wrong. Dictatorial policies are on the increase and confiscation. And when something happens, everybody turns against the Right.” I said, “Well, just rejoice and be glad that you are counted worthy.” You are not only going to experience what is going on now, but just remember something. The Father knew that you could take it. And tho the devil is about his business, there is one thing he has never been able to do. He has never been able to overthrow the people of God. Remember . . . he came once before the MOST HIGH and he said, “I cannot make any gain on Job, but you have got his protected. He does not serve you for naught.” And God said, “Oh, you think I am protecting my servant Job? Well it would not make any difference if I lifted my protection. Only his life, I will not let you take.” And so before the tempting was over, the powers of evil and temptation came upon poor Job, the symbol of Israel. It wiped out his property and he lost his sons. And tornadoes and catastrophes came. And all of his friends gathered around and said, “My, what a terrible fellow you must have been to have all of these things come upon you.” So they found fault with Job. And he learned that even his friends would now criticize him. So Job said, “Well, the LORD gave me all of these things, and now HE has taken them away. I may not like it, but the LORD gives and HE takes, so ‘Blessed is the name of the LORD.’ I do not understand it, but this is God’s world and everything will be all right.” Finally, Job finds his body covered with boils. He is in misery and in pain and even his friends have turned on him. And those who stay around are criticizing him, and some of them even suggests that he turn and curse God. But Job says, “No, I trust him.” The processes involved here are unique, for Lucifer could not budge Job. Then God started to restore, and Job’s latter days were better than his former, even in the areas of his earlier prosperity. Thus, his power and strength increased in this house of Job. He was one of the builders of the Pyramid and one of the great founders of the Schools of Wisdom in your race. And Lucifer lost.
Now God knew exactly what kind of quality he had in Job. And HE knew exactly what Job would do. I want you to understand this, this afternoon. God knows exactly what you will do, and HE has not let any catastrophe or temptation come upon you that you are not able to bear. Someone said, “My, but this is the most terrible time in human history.” But, my friends, can you think of any other time you would have rather lived in? Because if you did, you would be gone. Someone said, “But there was never such a time of trouble like this.” That’s right. That is what the scripture said. But there has never been a victory as big as this one either. The Father knew you before the foundation of the world, and HE said, “They will do.” HE selected you to live at the most intense time in history, knowing the tenseness of the times, and the spiritual power and energy HE has placed in you. And you have become a people reaching the acme of potential and God has prepared and provided so that you will survive.
I cannot think of a better time to be here. For we are watching the enemy turn loose all that he has. But we will witness God deliver with greater power than HE has ever used before. So again, be glad that you have been accounted worthy to dwell at this time. God knew exactly what HE was doing. And HE knew exactly which of HIS children would volunteer to come for this hour. I am going to tell you that HE did not send you down here to be destroyed. But . . . “This is the hour when my servants will fight and the kingdom will not be left in the hands of the Jews.”
We look out on this great nation, the by product of spiritual vision and on the face of the faith of our forefathers and all that would go into the construction of such a society. We see the magnitude of America’s blessings and the magnitude of its wealth, and we see that we have delivered more blessings than any other people on the face of the earth. We look at our technological achievement and at the ability of this nation, and we say, ‘this is our heritage.’ But I want to tell you that there is something a lot greater than these things that we have made. For these are the byproduct of our heritage. They are a part of our heritage, all right, but we have a greater heritage than this. There is a more important factor that your race possesses that no other people on the face of the earth have. And that is the ability to think more closely altho you are in bodies of flesh, like the will and the mind of God, and your capacity to put into thinking form every vision and thought that passes from the mind of God upon your race.
There were those who stood before Jesus and sought to destroy HIM and attack HIS spirit. But Jesus said, “Ye do not understand because you cannot hear my speech.” I tell you this afternoon, that there is nothing any more important than being able to hear the voice of God. This is a part of your heritage. It is important that you know this afternoon, what the National Council of Churches does not know. For anything which you can make and is then swept away, you can make again. The same wisdom and technology which prepared it can do it again. The same is in the thinking capacity and form of a people. It is your cultural inheritance as the sons and daughters of God, literally, this afternoon, that is the most important thing which you possess.
I point out to you that there are literally millions of people who are in total ignorance as to what their inheritance constitutes. They do not know how this heritage came into being. But I point out to you that you can think the thoughts of God, for you have the spirit of HIS spirit and the life of HIS life, breath of HIS breath. And you can think in the wavelength of spiritual destiny. I tell you that this is your heritage. The sum total of your conscious realization of existence is in experience, in knowledge and in know how. And the MOST HIGH GOD has sent this upon you so that you can perceive this because you are essence of HIS own being. And I tell you that this spiritual inheritance is the most important thing which you can possess.
When I tell you that your existence until this very moment has been a part of God’s plan, HIS project and HIS purpose. I would turn for one moment over into the book of Ephesians, and there I read concerning our Father (chapter 1), our Eternal Father—who has blessed us with all spiritual blessing in heavenly places accordingly as HE has chosen us in HIM before the foundation of the world. Accordingly, as HE HAS CHOSEN US IN HIM, BEFORE THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD, AND HAS PREDESTINATED US TO THIS POSITION AS CHILDREN BY HIS OWN EMBODIMENT AS JESUS CHRIST, ACCORDING TO THE GOOD PLEASURE OF HIS WILL.
I tell you this afternoon, that there is no greater heritage than to know that you have already been blessed with all spiritual blessings by the Father in the heavens, that HE has predestinated the positioning of your time of birth. HE has predestinated you to this position as children. And I want you to know that you are the people according to the Apostle Paul, in the book of Ephesians, that HE has chosen you from before the foundation of the world in HIM as HIS posterity.

I turn to the book of 1 Peter, first chapter, second verse, and it says:– “ELECT, ACCORDING TO THE FOREKNOWLEDGE OF GOD THE FATHER, THRU SANCTIFICATION OF THE SPIRIT, AND THRU OBEDIENCE AND BY THE SPRINKLING OF THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST, GRACE BE UNTO YOU, AND PEACE BE MULTIPLIED.” Who is he talking to?—He is talking to God’s Elect. He is talking to God’s chosen. And I tell you that you have no greater heritage this afternoon, than to know that the Eternal God of this Universe, the One who put it together, has called you HIS Elect, and has chosen you and has now sent you as HIS sons and daughters to earth to build HIS kingdom.
Oh, you say, ‘But this may not be talking to us. This may be talking to any group of people who accepted Christ?” Oh, my friends, let’s take a good look at this writing of Peter. In this first verse here in chapter one, of I Peter, it says:–I, Peter, an Apostle of Jesus Christ, to the strangers scattered thru out Pontus, Galacia, Cappadocia, Asia and Bithynia . . . Elect, according to the foreknowledge of God.” No, he was not talking to some other people, he was talking to the White race, to Israel, the Elect, according to foreknowledge and now in dispersion.
Now, Elect, according to the foreknowledge of God. Who are you?– This is your inheritance. You are a chosen generation and a royal priesthood. And now today, they say, ‘there is no difference between people. It does not matter what your race, your background. You are all the same.’ The President should learn a little more about what is in the Bible, but he is not to blame, for his preachers never told him.
One of the things that Preachers are going to have to answer for one of these days is the ignorance they have kept their people in when they are supposed to have approved of the workman until he is not ashamed. And if they had been guided by the Holy Spirit, they would have had to come out with the teaching that the Holy Spirit unveils. This is not too much to ask. But it has been preached from Preacher after Preacher and all that they have to do is get down that can and select what sermon they will preach this Sunday. In other words, they get down that 1001 sermons and decide what sermon to preach next.
Listen. I turn over in the scriptures to the declaration of the MOST HIGH. And it is most significant as we turn to this the 7th chapter of Deuteronomy, when our inheritance is important. And it says in verse 6:-“Thou art a holy people unto the LORD thy God. The LORD thy God has chosen thee to be a special people unto Himself above all of the people of the world.” When did YAHWEH thy God do this?–Before the foundation of the world. This is the same thing that the Apostle Paul is talking about in the book of Ephesians.— “HE has chosen us in HIM.”
Now, because the LORD loved you and because HE would keep HIS oath, HE has sworn to our fathers. Do you know that there is nothing any more important unto you or me this afternoon, than that you understand your heritage as God’s offspring? Do you know what they need to teach in America today, instead of its greatness? It is . . . because. . . “for God says, “I have chosen you BECAUSE” —-not that you are saved, but because you are different. The Father said, “BECAUSE THE LORD LOVED YOU.” Loved you from the beginning, because you were HIS offspring.
Can you think of anything greater today than to be loved of God? They said today, that those of us who proclaim the kingdom of God do not have any love. They say the message is not filled with love. But let me tell you something, my friends. LOVE starts with the Father. You cannot love evil and the processes that would destroy the world and destroy its culture and mongrelize and socialize, and eventually bring about slavery. But you can love that which is good. But the Father said, “I have loved you from the beginning, for you are my offspring, my household.” Therefore, because HE loved you, it has born results. Therefore, know this . . . that HE said HE would keep the oath that HE had promised our fathers. Therefore, YAHWEH THY GOD, IS A FAITHFUL GOD, AND HE KEEPS HIS COVENANTS AND HAS MERCY UPON THEM THAT LOVE HIM AND WHO KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS TO A THOUSAND GENERATIONS.
Do you know what is most important about this inheritance that we have this afternoon? It is that we have the blessings of God for a thousand generations to pass down unto our posterity. You say, “What produces this?” No decision that you ever made in any church has decided this, for God says that this comes by posterity and it descends upon your offspring for a thousand generations. And don’t worry. For you have not come anywhere close to running out. Someone said, “But it has been hundreds of generations.” But this says thousands of generations.
Listen. I turn over to the declaration of the MOST HIGH that you are a Holy people and HE has chosen you unto Himself, because you are a special people unto HIM. And HE does not want HIS posterity mongrelized or integrated. The National Council of Churches is preaching a ‘Gospel of Hell’ and planning the destruction of Christ’s kingdom. Oh, you say, “But what are the people to do?” I will tell you what you are to do.—You are to come out of her “oh, my people.” The MOST HIGH GOD tells you about the Hittites, the Girga****es, and the Amorites, and the Cainanites, and the Perizzites, and the Hivites, and the Jebusites. HE is talking about all kinds of people here. HE is talking about the Jews and HE is talking about Negroes and Asiatics. And HE is saying these are forces of evil. And as you come into this land to possess it, then you are to move out these forces. And then HE says never give thy daughters to them in marriage or take their daughters for your sons.
Let’s make this clear. God Almighty condemns everything that the National Council of Churches tried to put over this week in Philadelphia. You have a much greater inheritance than this. For you are HIS sons and daughters. You are HIS Household. I love those words in the book of Isaiah, in which this declaration continues to be made. And in this declaration, it says:— “HE IS OUR FATHER.”—Without a doubt, God is our Father. Even if Abraham did not know this, HE is still our Father.
More than this, the declaration continues in the book of Isaiah, in the 64 chapter, and in the 16 verse:… “Oh! YAHWEH—THOU ART OUR FATHER.”
Turn then to the book of Genesis, and we read these words:… “I shall establish my covenant between ME and thee, and thy seed after thee in their generations, for an everlasting covenant to be a God unto thee and to thy seed after thee.” Can you think of a greater promise than that? Can you think of a greater heritage than that one?
I turn next to the book of Exodus, and God says:(4:12)—and God says, ‘you go down and tell Pharaoh just what the score is. Just say to Pharaoh, that Israel is my son, my offspring, my first born.’ The first time I saw the word Israel, it was showing up in the ancient books of Enoch when God carried Enoch into the heavens and speaks to him. HE said, ‘Thou art my Israel, thou art my posterity in the earth.” And concerning Adam which was God’s household embodied in earth and in the ancient books, it says “Adam is my Israel in the earth, My ruling offspring.”
I will tell you something else these Cainanites and Philistines had better learn . . . “THUS SAITH YAHWEH, ISRAEL IS MY SON, MY FIRST BORN, and you better let my son go and you better let my son serve me, for if you do not let him go, I will slay thy first born thy sons.” I tell you that one of the most dangerous things you can be doing today is to be a first born son, serving the darkness and be in the wrong place. The most important thing for you and I today is to recognize our Father and to think HIS thoughts.
I turn to the 33rd Psalm, and I read these words: — “AND THE COUNCIL OF YAHWEH STANDETH FOREVER. AND THE THOUGHTS OF HIS HEART TO ALL GENERATIONS BLESSED IS THE NATION WHOSE GOD IS THE LORD AND THE PEOPLE WHOM HE HAS CHOSEN FOR HIS OWN INHERITANCE.” When were you chosen?—Before the foundation of the world. There is no doubt about the intenseness of this present hour. But I point out to you that in the same time, in the declaration of Divine purpose, that the MOST HIGH calls upon all of the people of our nation, thru the background of our time, to not only serve HIM, and not to be showing respect to other gods and other religions, integrating our race, or destroying this capacity to think God’s thoughts, and not upsetting the balance of soul, spirit, and body of your whole makeup. The Jews do not have this capacity. Jesus established that. The heathen and the pagans didn’t have it. HE said only those whom HE had chosen and placed above all of the people on the face of the earth, only YOU have this. And this is for their good, because you are — “MY PEOPLE, my household, and I proclaim it.” Turning back to the declaration of the MOST HIGH . . . and HE said, “I am going to bring all of the council of the heathen to naught. I am going to make the devices of these people of no effect.”
Someone said, “Oh, my,—but this is the last of an age and HE is bringing the final intensity of an age against the kingdom of God.” And you are in the age when God is going to pour out HIS spirit. HE is going to energize HIS people. And out of this, will come great strength and mighty wisdom and greater armies than you have ever had before. Someone said, “Oh, we don’t need big armies.” Well I would not say that we do not need them, for Christ is going to bring the greatest army with HIM that the world has ever witnessed when HE brings in the hosts of heaven to do battle with the devil. They can’t come too quickly to suit me. I am ready tomorrow. Someone said, “But we are not ready. What do you mean?” We are just waiting for the commander. We are not, my friends, standing still, waiting. We are busy preparing for a great victory. And we will fight right now on this battle line any time they want to start. –Because you are the sons of God. HE has sent the spirit of HIS embodiment into your heart until you can say ‘OUR FATHER WHICH ART IN HEAVEN, HALLOWED BE THY NAME.’ And as the Father taught you to pray in HIS own messianic ministry, HE said when you pray, this is how you pray:— “OUR FATHER WHICH ART IN HEAVEN, HALLOWED BE THY NAME,—-don’t take them out of the world, keep them in it. But they are not of the world even as I am not of the world.” They do not belong to the world order. This is a triumphant kingdom and it is coming to stay. There can be no question about the fact that as we consider the vastness of what is here declared that a people whom HE has determined even the time of their birth and has transversed a celestial offspring from heaven to earth as the Apostle Paul tells you in the second chapter of Hebrews.

Now there are those who classify this as a hate message. But this is the greatest blessing HE has ever sent into the world except HIS own embodiment. For HE looks upon you as sons and daughters of God, embodied as HE was embodied and only waiting for the glory of God to arise upon you. It is for this purpose and by this declaration, that HE says in the 82nd Psalm:… “Ye are Elohim, (or Gods) and all of you are the children of YAHWEH.” So why do you die like men? Stand up like sons of God for this is the climactic pattern. And this struggle that you are going thru, is to end in immortality, and the eternal inflexibility of HIS kingdom in the flesh and in the earth. Never have we had a period in all history as great as this one. Oh, surely this is the time of Jacob’s trouble. This is a great tribulation which we are in. As we have told you before, Jesus said that they would like to deliver you to the synagogues, to the magistrates. They would like to throw you in prison, but those prisons cannot hold. If they could not hold in the days of the ‘former rain,’ as in the days of Peter, they will never hold in these days of the ‘latter rain’ as the kingdom moves to victory.
Yes, I think there is a very subtle identification as these words imply– “deliver you to the synagogue as well as the magistrate.” I cannot determine whether Mr. Warren has become a Jew, or whether he carries the synagogue to the Supreme Court. But he has the skull cap on and he got his training from the Talmud.
Listen. In this hour in which all of these challenges come, you know that every design according to the blueprint of the Father, every cunning was devised, to destroy your nation, the nations of God’s kingdom and your heritage, to mongrelize your race. You set your own spiritual capacity. Every one of these things shall be turned on to intensity, for God says, “I will deliver you out of it, and all of these things shall come to naught. That every cunning device that they put together shall fail. And in that time, I will raise up my people and whole armies of Israel shall stand upon their feet and you can’t count them. You can’t stop them and you cannot run them thru.”

Now I would not miss that, my friends, for any other day in history to have lived here. Someone said, “Do you believe all of that?” –I surely do. In fact, so many Americans are doing all of that and one of these days they are going to be doing all of that. And one of these days, there will be a fresh clean America. Some say it cannot be done. It will take to much power. –Not by power, but by “MY spirit”–and I do not know any greater power. I know of no greater heritage, and it must start where you think in the capacity where you think the thoughts of God and move by these patterns of inspiration. And HE gives the world and all that is in it to you. It subordinates any condition of environment and intelligence, youth, creation and instruction, and motivation from the law of the fulcrum to the pattern of energy. It is yours. For you are the children of the Father, the Creator of the Universe. You are co-creator with HIM. And everything which you see of physical culture is the work of your hands, the by product of your mind. You cannot pass on civilization to Africa and to Asia. They cannot take civilization. For if you take the dynamo and the vision out, they go retro grade. The program of the anti-Christ–all of its evil, the whole United Nations conspiracy and condemned of God, no matter how they try to dress it up a bit and make it look as for human good, would utterly fail today if you took out the dynamic power, the creative force and the finance of the kingdom. In fact, all you would have to do would stop paying the bills and it would go bankrupt. And I think you ought to do that right away.
Now let’s go back to that first passage we read. Here we see that the Eternal YAHWEH has blessed us with all spiritual blessing in heavenly places. Can you think of a greater inheritance than that? God said, “I have chosen you for my inheritance.” And we can say that ‘yes, we have inherited HIM for our posterity.’ I can think of nothing as important as that. You can walk with this knowledge and with this power and all things will make way before you. According to your faith it will be available. Accordingly as HE has chosen us before the foundation of the world.
Remember when the people were in the wilderness and Moses went up the mountain, and the people then set up a golden calf? That is just as we have done turning to the United Nations. This is a result of some of the leadership we have had in Washington thru the years. Finally, Moses came back and he talked harshly to the people for what they had done. And then he took that golden calf and he ground it up into powder. And you will go back over here in the book of Exodus, and you will read what happened. He ground it all up into powder and mixed it with water and gave them gold water to drink. And all who had violated Divine law and worshiped the golden calf got gold water to drink.
Now we are just talking about what happened back there. This is why we tell you that you better not worship the golden calf. You better line up with God. Let’s not go from bad to worse. Your greatest heritage this afternoon is OUR FATHER. The fact that we are HIS sons and HIS daughters, and we are Elect, according to HIS foreknowledge, from before the foundation of the earth.


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