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Israel’s Complaints/Murmurings Part 1

Israel’s Complaints/Murmurings Exodus 5:12-23 – Exodus 6:1-9 12 So the people were scattered abroad throughout all the land of Egypt to gather stubble instead of straw. 13 And the taskmasters hasted them, saying, Fulfil your works, your daily tasks, as when there was straw. 14 And the officers of the children of Israel, which Pharaoh’sContinue reading “Israel’s Complaints/Murmurings Part 1”

356 Prophecies Fulfilled in Jesus Christ

356 Prophecies Fulfilled in Jesus Christ Scripture Prophecy Fulfillment 1. Gen. 3:15 Seed of a woman (virgin birth) Galatians 4:4-5, Matthew 1:18 2. Gen. 3:15 He will bruise Satan’s head Hebrews 2:14, 1John 3:8 3. Gen. 3:15 Christ’s heel would be bruised with nails on the cross Matthew 27:35, Luke 24:39-40 4. Gen. 5:24 TheContinue reading “356 Prophecies Fulfilled in Jesus Christ”

“Lost” 29th Chapter of ACTS

“Lost” 29th Chapter of ACTS ACTS 29 1- And Paul, full of the blessings of Christ, and abounding in the spirit, departed out of Rome, determining to go into Spain, for he had a long time proposed to journey thitherward, and was minded also to go from thence to Britain. 2- For he had heardContinue reading ““Lost” 29th Chapter of ACTS”

II Esdras 7:75-101 Righteous and Unrighteous

II Esdras 7:75-10175 I answered and said, “If I have found favor in your sight, O Lord, show this also to your servant: whether after death, as soon as everyone of us yields up the soul, we shall be kept in rest until those times come when you will renew the creation, or whether weContinue reading “II Esdras 7:75-101 Righteous and Unrighteous”